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Quebec Investor Program is for people from other countries who are willing to invest certain amount of funds in Quebec State. The advantage of Quebec Investor Program is shorter processing time than Federal Investor Program and does not have any conditions after landing in Canada along with no limitation of settlement place; you can settle in wherever you want, such as Vancouver or Toronto etc. Therefore, this program is more suitable for people who want to continue their business in their home countries. The most important requirements for this program are Management career and proof of personal assets. to be proved is C$800,000 is supposed to be invested into Quebec for next 5 years with no interest Of course, you can use loan program for investor?

Immigration Eligibility
Over 2 years of qualifying business operation or management experience from last 5 years

Proof of Personal Net Assets of C$ 1,600,000
(including net assets of applicant and spouse, which accumulated by legal way such as employment, business activities, or inheritance etc.)

How to Invest:
1. Investment timing: within 120 days from the request of investment by Quebec; normally,
    after passing the Quebec interview
2. Investment Option: Select full amount investment of C$800,000 or Loan investment of
    C$ 200,000 ~ C$ 220,000(depending on interest rate)
3. Location of Investment: only in Quebec State
4..If full amount investment of C$800,000 is made, the principal sum will be returned to
    you after 5 years from the invested date.

Processing Steps
Processing time: approximately 12 months to 18 months (depending on overseas Visa Post)
Full application submission to CIQ (Montreal / Madagascar / Hong Kong)
(Exploratory visit to Quebec is recommended if the qualification is not good enough)
Quebec File No. issued
Interview invitation or waived
Investment into Quebec upon request

CSQ issued

Application transferred to relevant Visa Post
File no. issued by CIC
8 Medical examination
9 Permanent Resident VISA Granted